As I told you earlier this day, I’m back… back in my chastity CB6000…

Emo in Chastity Part 2 Day 1 – The Game – The Decision and the Rules

Play a game with me! – A chastity game…

Finally my Master and I decided that I’ve to follow @sneakerbcslave and @dakota-pup in their chastity challenge with some – one – special rules.

These are the rules

  • As of today (Jan. 29, 2015, 7.15 AM ET), I’m locked up in CB6000 for 10 days as a base (Jan. 29, 2015, 7:15 AM ET to Feb. 08, 2015, 5 PM ET)
  • for each REBLOG of the original post (this one) 6 hours will be added (from now to Feb. 8th., 2015, 5 PM ET)
  • for each LIKE of the original post (this one) 1 hour (from now to Feb. 8th., 2015, 5 PM ET)
  • I will report about my chastity and how long I’ve to be locked up on a daily basis. Every like and/or reblog of the daily report will add 1 additional hour to my chasitity! Only the reblogs and likes of the day of publishing counts. 😉
  • Accumulation of hours will end on the day and time my additional lock-up would end so on feb. 8th, 2015 at 7.15 AM ET. For example if you have reblogged the original post 40 times, with 240 likes ad you have reblogged and liked the daily reports in a total of 720 I will be locked up 1200 additional hours, that means 50 days, that starts on February 8th, 2015 at 7:15 AM ET. So I’m locked from Jan. 29th to Mar. 30, 2015 6.15 AM EST)
  • But there will be more time to add… Since I’m somewhat of a health and clean freak I’m allowed a maximum of 5 minutes of supervised unlock to clean myself and the chastity a day. These 5 minutes a day will be added to the lock-up of course.
  • I’m allowed to cum once a week. I’m not permitted to touch my dick. I’ve to cum handsfree with electro, dildo / butt plug, poppers, whatever…. I’ll post a video of this every week at my xtube channel. I decide whether my penis is locked or unlock. If I decided to cum unlocked 24 hours will be added. Additional 12 hours will be added if I cum with the help of electro or poppers (each one 12h plus), 6 hours if I cum only with a plug or dildo ( if I also use poppers or electro 12h plus). If I cum without any help and handsfree 1 hour will be added. This hours will be added every week I cum!

I don’t hold the keys myself. I’ve given them to my Master. He’s my keyholder! So if decide to cum unlock, I’ve to speak to my master and have to beg him for the key and the permission to cum unlock!

I’m quite competitive and this is a competition with @sneakerbcslave and @dakota-pup.
I really hope to get locked up longer then them ;).

Special Service
As a special service you can add me on snapchat. My nickname: emobcsmslave
If you add me on snapchat, you will get the chastity pictures of the day before they’ll be published on tumblr or my blog!
Report Time
The chastity pictures of the day and daily report will be blogged every day at 5 PM ET here.
Again, I will report about my chastity and how long I’ve to be locked up on a daily basis.

Up to date figures, Feb. 29th, 2015 at 5 PM ET
Reblogs of this post: 18 x 6h = 108h
Likes of this post: 32x 1h = 32h
Cum shots: 0
Total: 140h (5.83 days = 6 additional days)
Should it proceed quite differently? Make suggestions now!

Please reblog and like this post so often you want and can…

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