In my last post I mentioned a crotch rope to hold my tail plug in place throughout an event and I’ve been asked to demonstrate it. I’ve explained a simple variant before but that one slides off very easily. So here’s another crotch rope harness example. It’s a bit more work, but still really simple and way more effective!Plus with a jockstrap or thong over it, you can cover up the knots and ropework pretty well. ^^


Start off with two pieces of rope, for me about 2m of length each is a good size to not have long ends. Now put in that waggy tail (or any other butt plug) and follow the gifs! (PS: Chastity is not necessary. ^^)

  • 1 + 2: Use the first rope as a simple waist band around your hips. I find just under my hip bones most comfortable. Try to keep things tight but comfortable enough so the knot doesn’t get painful after long wear. 
  • 3: Now take the second rope and tie it to your waistband with a simple knot. (You’ll untie this knot later, so it doesn’t have to be that tight.) 
  • 4: Pull the rope through your legs, right over the plug’s base and up your crack. 
  • 5: Get the rope over the waistband and pull it back through your legs to the front again. It’s important to pass the tail from the different side than your first, so that the tail is somewhat held tight between the two strands!, if that makes any sense. Pull everything reasonably tight, so that the rope won’t slide off the plug’s base easily, but again it should be comfortable enough for long term wear. 
  • 6: Repeat this looping as many times as you wish or as your rope allows. Every time, make sure to pass your plug once left and once right of the tail.
  • 7: As you end up in the front again, you can simply tie your loose end to the waistband. However I prefer to untie the first not and tie the two loose ends (basically the start and end of the second rope) together. That way you only have one knot on your waistband instead of two or three which is more comfortable. =) 
  • 8: Never stop wagging! ^^

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