love the vacant expression of a truly broken fag pup

From the moment He had set eyes on the pretty twink boy the Master had known it was a pup born into a human body. He went back to the coffee shop where the boy worked every day, cleaning tables, observing with pleasure how naturally submissive he was, how eager and enthusiastic he went about performing even the most menial of tasks, how dumb and needy he was, always looking around for guidance to answer even the simplest of questions and He particularly enjoyed how when He deliberately tripped the boy up, causing him to drop the tray of glasses, he apologised to Him and crawled around picking up the broken glass. 

He found the crying boy outside, devastated at having lost his job for being so clumsy. Taking charge was easy, the boy followed Him home devotedly, eager to please and already slightly in love with its new Master.

It only took a few weeks to tweak the raw material into the perfect puppy. The hypnotic suggestions were accepted without the slightest of resistance.First went the ability to speak and then removing the ability for the pup to completely close its mouth so that it drooled canine saliva all the time. After two weeks the pup truly believed it couldn’t stand on two feet. The pup meekly accepted the daily choking sessions, more brain cells being permanently destroyed each time it passed out. 

it did turn its nose up at the cheap dog food on the first occasion but, after two days of starvation, finally went back to the bowl on the kitchen floor.

The Master had almost the perfect pup and for the final stage introduced the pup to its new parents, His pair of dobermans. the pup was so excited to see them, it naturally woofed and ran round in circles. Somewhere in a tiny part of its pup brain it thought something wasn’t quite right when its ‘Dad’ mounted it but when it looked up and saw its Owners happy face and hard cock it knew it must be doing the right thing.

That was 3 months ago and the pup was so excited today when its Master clipped on the leash and took it for its first public outing.

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