Orgasm Control

Orgasm control is simply that–controlling the submissive’s orgasms.
Most of these types of punishments are used for submissives who break
rules about orgasms, be it without permission or when they were told not
to touch themselves. Controlling orgasms is an amusing way to teach the
submissive who their orgasms belong to.


Edging is the act of getting your partner right to the edge of
orgasm, then denying them release. This can be done multiple times, even
in short amounts of time. It’s a little psychological torture, best for
those who cum without permission.

Forced Orgasms

Forced orgasm is another great punishment for submissives who cum
without permission. It turns a great sensation into a torturous
experience very quickly. This is especially great with toys like the Hitachi
or a Sybian. Focus on a goal–either for number of orgasms, or a
specific amount of time. An hour spent riding a Hitachi can really be
the most agonizing thing for some people due to heightened sensitivity
after each orgasm.


Denial is the complete opposite of forced orgasms. It’s like edging,
but there is no orgasm at the end of the scene. This can be doing while
using toys and not allowing the person to orgasm or it can be done by
restriction orgasms or even touching oneself for a longer period of


Chastity, much like denial, is the refusal of orgasms. However, with
chastity, the submissive is completely unable to touch themselves, even
if they wanted to. Devices for people with penises and vaginas are
available to purchase online to assure your submissive is following
orders properly.

Excerpt from Punishment Management: A Dominant’s Guide to Unruly Subs by SubmissiveFeminist here at Tumblr.

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