For many, many months I haven’t been allowed to have an orgasm without my boyfriend’s permission. On average he unlocks me about two or three times a month, often for a long bondage, teasing and edging session that pretty much always ends up with him getting me accidentally over the edge after a few hours, giving me a nasty ruined orgasm, often followed by multiple forced orgasms to make it even less enjoyable and to reinforce the fact that he is in control of my cock.

In between those scenes I’m pretty permanently locked. The chastity device makes that I can’t even touch myself during times my boyfriend is away from home. Day after day the need to relieve some sexual energy rises and all I can do is playing with my ass or nipples or just strain and leak precum in my underwear. Playing with a dildo like this either gets me even more needy and horny, or at best, enables me to milk a few tiny spurts of cum out of my locked cock, just temporarily relieving the pressure while I wait for my boyfriend to unlock me the next time..,… and when that will be? Nobody knows.

Fucking hot, GBK!! Thanks for sharing!!

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