My chastity tips after 8 days of being locked with a keyholder:

A) It’s more intense than self-locking. But the loss of control is a good feeling…

B) You’re going to get really horny and might take risks that you wouldn’t normally take.

C) You are going to want out of it at some point either for sexual release or because of discomfort.

D) Trim or shave your pubes. Pulled hair is no fun. And it gets caught at the worst possible moment…

E) You’re going to lose sleep. Your body is going to tell you there is a clamp on your dick at night. Wear a jock or supportive underwear to keep the base ring up high.

F) Keep yourself clean. Dry yourself with swabs or your dick will get wrinkly like your fingers do in water.

G) Find yourself a key holder you can trust and agree on terms. Have a backup plan to get out in emergency. If you’re shy, exchange pics by private means. If you do it by Tumblr, your unmanning might be seen by hundreds…

H) Be really nice to your key holder and obey him. You might get released sooner. Tell him he has a huge cock. It will be compared to your locked dick.

I) After a while, you’re going to a little cock crazy. Looking at pics, wondering about every guy you meet.

J) If you get a new device practice overnight before actually giving up the key.

If I think of more things I’ll update this.

If you’ve enjoyed my journey, want me to do more pics and try other stuff: Message me and click that heart on the unlocked pics posted earlier. Thanks for the support.

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