locked 🙂

“How about tonight?”
“Mmm maybe.”
“It’s been a while,” Garrett hinted.
“Honey, did you forget the lesson you learned from your last big spanking?”
Garrett flushed. “Whining isn’t becoming of me.”
I smiled. “Very good.”
“I just – I’m so horny, I can’t think of anything else. Especially when you lounge around in that jockstrap…”
I shake my head. “This is why you are staying locked for a long time.”
“Because before, I couldn’t be comfortable how I wanted to without worrying about you coming after my ass. I felt bad saying no when you were hard, and the sex was more out of obligation than arousal. Now I can say no, and that’s that.” I turned a page of my book.
Garrett huffed. “You make me sound like a predator.”
“I’m sorry baby. I didn’t mean it like that. You are a very fertile male, and a 100% top at that. I love how you fuck me. So much so, I don’t want anyone else to have you. The lock signifies you are my property to enjoy when I wish.”
“Fuck,” Garrett said, “It makes me even hornier when you talk like that!
I grinned. “Sorry. I was being a bit evil. You smell good when you’re horny. I really like that.” I leaned over and kissed him.
“Mmmn I smell good?”
“Yeah,” I replied, pressing my lips to his again. “Love knowing you are so horny and want to breed me.”
“Every day, baby,” Garrett said. “Every day.”
“See? I told you. You would get so entitled to my ass if I unlocked you. The novelty would wear off. Keeping you in the cage keeps you small and devoted me.”
Garrett stared at me. “Fuck, you are so hot when talk so casually like that. You kind of scare me a little, the way you can talk about owning a man’s penis like a iPhone.”
I smirked. “But you love it.”

Garrett sighed. “I do. The other day, when you were talking about my chastity in front of your other kinky friend when I was standing right there? I was so embarrassed, but I loved every second of it.”
I raised both eyebrows. “Really? That explains why I had to take you into the bathroom and change your underwear before we went home.”
“I hadn’t been milked in two weeks!” Garrett insisted. “God, I wish I were a bottom. If I didn’t hate having things in my ass, I have a feeling I would be in the bathroom with a dildo right now.”
I licked my lip. “As much as I would never make you do that, I think that’s really hot. At least you have vibration.”
“God bless vibration,” Garrett said.

“Did you get started on that article for the paper yet?”
Garrett looked sheepish. “No. Too much content. My focus is all over the place.”
“Well,” I said, suddenly glad I was on my belly and Garrett couldn’t see my growing hard-on. “How about you go do an outline and we can have some fun together before bed?”
“Really?” Garrett perked up.
“If you do your outline. Tomorrow is cleaning day for your dick, but no harm in doing it one day early.”
Garrett cupped my jaw and smothered me in kisses. “I love you. My balls were just throbbing in my meeting today.”
I chuckled. “You text me next time that happens. I love knowing shit like that.”
“Oh ho, I’m not giving you more fuel. You’ll have to picture it,” Garrett teased, throwing a pillow at me.
“Hey!” I laughed. “Well, I can always make you throb when I want.”
“God how did you end up a bottom?” Garrett asked. “It amazes me.”
I shrugged. “Someone has to keep you tops in line. You own the cocks, but you don’t own the world.”
Garrett muttered under his breath. “Fuck I need to go do this outline before I break out of this cage and mount you hard.”
“I’d be impressed if you could do that. I still can’t believe I got your big dick in there.” I waved my hand at his direction. “Go do your outline. I’m going to finish this chapter.”
“Ok love.” We kissed again.
“Oh and Garrett….I had another idea.”
I gave him a devilish smile. “Put on those soft velvet nipple clamps and put a tissue under your chastity cage. I want to see how much you leak.”
“That’s so evil!” Garrett squawked.
“Evil? Or a motivator?” I asked
Garrett didn’t answer.

“That’s what I thought. Now go on, love. It’s about to get interesting in this book.”
“Yes, love,” Garrett said with a gulp. His cock looked very tight in that cage already.

I turned back to my book, pleased. I ignored my half erection. Garrett would give me an anal orgasm later. He always did. God, he was such a good fuck. I lifted the key I kept on a chain around my neck. “Smartest thing I ever did.”

Captions are fictional. OP is @pupsnug. I’m pretty sure he’s a submissive type, so this captions is not meant to depict him or his personality. Someone asked me for a dommy bottom, so that’s where this came from.

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