It takes lots of practice to get to this point, but once you’re there, this is what masturbation is for you. you will cum like this or you will cum from Me or My friends using you. There’s no need for you to get hard – by this time I’ll know what turns you on without visual confirmation.

And watching this turns you on, doesn’t it? Seeing what you’re going to become has you straining against your cage. you may be versatile, but all that means (all it’s ever meant) is you’re adaptable to what your Master wants you to be. Knowing that I want you to be my caged, submissive, fuckboy bottom has you feeling weak and dizzy in the most amazing way.

Good boy. Fall to your knees and get that butt plug ready. Practice makes you perfect.

Verissimo, non c’è più nessuna ragione per stare mai più senza cb!

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