A few of my favorite things about chastity.



1.      The
constant ache of desire.  
I literally ache for My Love.  She is on my mind 95% of the time.

2.      The dripping.  The
love the precum leakage.  It turns me on
having constant wet spots.  

3.      Lack of control.  Having no control of my orgasms has been a huge turn on,
knowing she has all of the power over “her toy”

4.      The chastity
The cage itself is a turn on.
Seeing her toy locked up, not allowed an erection.

5.      Teasing.  I love how she teases.  At any time, she could reach over and rub me,
sending my head in a whirl.

6.      Denial.  This is a love/hate one.  I do not like being denied during a play
session, but after I have calmed down, I thank her for not allowing me to cum.

7.      The open
   We have grown so much closer since starting
chastity.  We communicate better, in everyday
normal life, and in the bedroom.

So true!

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