Underwear made for a chastity cage –

Traditional underwear are not made for a chastity device. As you can see from the top pic in a cb6000s the cage falls on the testicles and the whole package fits loosely in a regular pair of underwear. Things get sweaty, uncomfortable, and squeezed together.

Bring in the David Archy micro modal separate pouch trunk (I got mine from Amazon). Nice material. Good sizing. And the secret pouch.

First thing you do is put your entire package in its cage through the hole. Now you seperate your testicles from the cock cage and put them neatly in the sewn in pouch in the underwear.

The testicles are now seperate in their own little gray pouch. They stay more dry and seperate from the shaft of the cage. More comfortable and dry.

The options now for your Mistress are to keep the balls in the pouch but keep the cage on display as a reminder of your condition as my Mistress likes to do in the above picture. Or as in the last picture, cover it up with the extra material.

Comfortable underwear, nice looking, soft and perfect for those of us in chastity.

This is cool!!! Wanna buy it!!!

see on google :  David Archy micro modal separate pouch trunk

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