A while back Sissy4craempies came to me with this. He had a permanent chastity. It was difficult for him to take that final step. I try to be a good key holder but the truth is, on something like this I needed to show him that he had support from others as well. Several of my followers joined the chorus of support, to show this soon to be girl that he was not alone. I thank you all for that.

Today he no longer needs a “key holder” since no key will be able to unlock the cage that now surrounds “MY DICK” I own it, he has no choice, and it will stay mine, safe guarded against any abuse and totally unused. I ask for support again in showing this Sissy, that its okay for him to never use his cock again.

I’m very proud of him.

I’m asking all my followers to repost this, even if just for a day, to show support for this nice guy. I want him to know we all want him locked forever


Enjoy your new life

My dream is to permanently live in chastity.

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