Puddles of Precum: I’m not sure which one of you sick bastards came up with this idea, but here is the result. Someone commented after the video of my being allowed to “cum” in my cage, that I should stick the tip of the tiny vibrator down in my cockhead like sounding rod. Well, it won’t quite fit, but that didn’t stop Mrs. W from figuring out a way around it. Just pop the tip off and slide the thin metal rod down there instead. 

I don’t think I’ve ever poured precum quite like this, I don’t know if it was the vibrations being applied right inside my cock or maybe I was just super hydrated. Who knows. Either way, you can see it was pouring out. 

If anyone following or reading our blog has any suggestions, please send them in. We’re always looking for new, kinky fun things to try. 


p.s. I didn’t get to cum or even get hard… I just leaked for a while. 

Good Lord, this is heaven for a precum fetishist like me 😍

Oh gosh this is something

This is mean

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