I must be a real pervert, because this is just so incredibly sexy; the heavy dry suit with the thick metal collar, sealing him into his own world and symbolically divorcing his head and mind from his body – the rope restraints, binding him to the chair – the shine of the plastic, tightly covering his head, flattening his hair and squashing his nose so his head becomes almost a featureless ball – and yet, he is still fully visible and exposed to his controller – the focus and the unspoken *silence*: no words, no porn-track’ dialogue – just pure concentration and focus on both their faces: the controller giving the boy an edge of reality experience, safely, and the boy, simply enduring what he must. And at the end: the silent commune, head to head that says more powerfully than any words: “I am PROUD to all you Mine”

This is so hot, gets me rock hard


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