The Vice will forever be my first pick when it comes to men’s chastity devices. The sleek look and comfortable fit make for a device that can be worn for quite a long time without becoming more painful than what your straining dick causes. With my previous device, erections would cause the base ring to burst the blood vessels on the bottom of my sack, but with The Vice, I didn’t have a problem sleeping.

The package was shipped and delivered within a few days, in a box that was very inconspicuous

At first glance the pouch of pieces seemed a bit intimidating, but after i sorted out all the sizes I felt much better. My first try to assemble the Vice took a bit of time. The instructions come with an assembly video in case you can’t wrap your head around the concept. Assembly may take some time unless you’re a genius puzzle solver. Once i played around with the pieces i figured out how all the pieces fit together.

The Vice comes with three separate size rings and spacers so that you get the perfect fit. Each piece sits together flawlessly providing little to no room for pinching. Just as the product description says, the longer you wear it, the more inescapable it becomes. Not only did it become more comfortable as i wore it, I seemed to forget it during the day. i really only noticed it when i sat down, or got up from sitting a long time. I left the device on for a week, and i could feel my dick become one with The Vice. The anti pullout feature contained my dick and kept it from slipping out of the cage.

Another satisfied customer!

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