This is a selfmade board game which I play often with My boi.

It’s great fun. I play it with two dice. It can keep Me and the boi busy for several hours (if it is unlucky)!

Each place of the board has its own picture referring to some kind of BDSM play with the slave:

1. Nippleplay: the boi has to throw a dice how long I will play with its nipples, and another one with what. 

2. Bondage position: from I to XIII

3. Spanking/whipping: one dice for how many spanks/whips (eyes times 10); another dice for spanking implement choice

4. Ice: one icecube for each eye thrown on the dice

5. Hand spank: ten times handspanks for each eye thrown

6. pins/needles: one dice for which part of the body; another dice for how many needles

7. CBT: one dice tells how many minutes

8. Dildo: variation between 6 dildoes according to the eyes of a dice

9. Rub: one dice for how long; another dice for which implement

10. Wax: one dice for which bodyparts; another one for how long

This is great fun! You should try it out! And don’t stop even though the slave begs for it. The game can only stop if it ends right on the last spot!

Master Walter

If you want more detailed information about the different kinds of playoptions, please just send me a note…

Well this seems fun…!

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