The staff perks of always being smart enough to stay below the radar & appear to be beyond reproach. Once you’ve mastered that particular skill you cane hone the others needed to corner catch and snare a particular charge. Of cause there will be plenty to choose from. A great deal in fact and there’s always plenty of time. An endless supply of thieves drug dealers and faggots. What I really mean is all of these criminals need a firm hand,punishment correction and a renewed sense of values.

I make sure all the fags that leave here & some who are not so heterosexually challenged have a job, a place to stay and a chance to learn skills that will earn them plenty of cash. Some will get a lot of cash & some will not be so lucky. But all pay there way buy opening their legs and giving up their not so tight as it used to be ass. I’m just the one to capitalise on it both financially & because I just love to screw,rape,breed & seed a tight lads arse. I love to make them gag on my cock till they choke before shooting a big hot load down their fucking throats.

I mean what’s a bunch of pervs gonna do for fun and kicks at a reformatory school, a borstal or a young offenders institutes. Yea your absolutely correct. You implement your plan by putting some of your hand picked criminal young men through all those demanding exercises. Naked and shaved head cock balks ass. In fact totally smooth eye brows the only item left of their previous life and identity. and both worse & more amazing than what they ever imagined it to be

in charge of a group of youth offenders is the better than you can imagine. You can really get to know a lad and can begin one on one training sessions with them. Always best starting with the obvious faggots and then really enjoy turning those not so hard and butch lads into a bunch of cock sucking whores.

Night shift is best and with each wing having only 4 patrolling officers on the wing at any given time & certainly while on night duty. it facilitated access to all those young wards in need of being taught their place in this new world for them from now on. They are turned out as rent boys & escorts. The cash gets split between the wing landings officer & yours truly & of cause my choice of guy fir the evening.

This particular lad really was a nasty cock sucking bitch. A natural boy whore and He really was that good. I ruined his fucking arse & through I was fucking him so hard. As you can see by the video I gave his throat a real rough fuck. That dirty bitch fucking loved it. Swallowed the lot. Not that I gave him much choice as you’ve probably seen.

So getting to the perks. I mean that is what you bunch of perverts want to know isn’t it ? You want to know what goes on in this place away from prying eyes. You’ve heard the stories the lads that go in & come out cock sucking sluts. They accept the fact of their new found status among men but after all the dick inside they can’t stop themselves. As for tops & alphas they still fuck any ass it’s about making sure only their cum goes in any cock sucking faggots that need it up their arse even more than down their greedy throats.

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