Kurt couldn’t believe this was happening to him.  Fuck, he’d known Joey since they were in kindergarten together.  They’d been friends since then.  He knew Joey had some fucked-up fantasies about enslaving other dudes, torturing them and making them do really disgusting shit.  But he’d thought they were just that – fantasies.  Kurt never thought Joey would actually do it.  And he certainly never thought he’d do it to him.  But that’s exactly what was happening and he was really fucked.  His parents were gone for at least a month, taking a leisurely second-honeymoon.  He’d told them he’d stay with Joey, that they didn’t have to worry about him.  Boy, was he wrong.  

Joey had got him drunk the first night he was there. And then, the next morning when he woke up, Kurt discovered that Joey had handcuffed him to the bed. He was sure Joey was kidding around right up to the point where his legs were raised over Joey’s shoulders and his friend proceeded to fuck the bejesus out of Kurt’s straight ass.  Motherfuck, did that hurt.  Kurt couldn’t believe that Joey was gay and that he’d never picked up on that.  He must have been fucking blind.  

After Joey came in his ass, he told Kurt that he was going to be Joey’s fuck-slave for the next month – Joey’s slave bitch.  And to show he wasn’t kidding around – though, after being fucked, Kurt had already figured that out – he proceeded to shave Kurt’s entire body, his pubes and everything.  That was so fucking humiliating having to lie there on the bed while his friend did that to him.  And when he was finished, Joey fucked him again.

Since then, Joey had kept Kurt tied up or otherwise restrained.  He’d fucked him so many times that Kurt had lost count.  And he seemed to take particular pleasure in torturing his body.  Right now his tits were painfully clamped and his pussy was stuffed with a gigantic butt-plug.  And Joey was beating the crap out of his ass.  Kurt hadn’t seen any sign of Joey’s parents since he’d arrived and he had no idea where they were.  His own parents would be gone at least another three weeks.  He didn’t think he could last three more weeks of this – of being Joey’s fuck-slave, his slave bitch.  Every part of his body hurt already.   Three more weeks of this and he’d probably see himself as a slave bitch; he’d probably actually become Joey’s slave bitch in his own mind.  And he had a sinking feeling that this was precisely what Joey was planning on.  For Joey, it would be his greatest fantasy becoming a reality but for Kurt it’d be his worst nightmare coming true.

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