‘MmMMmmMmMmmmpphh…?? MmMmMmMMPppPPHHH?!?!?’ The murky clouds of groggy confusion slowly dissipated from Sam’s mind. For a few fleeting moments, he struggled to recall where he was or what had happened… but then the dreaded memories suddenly began flickering and flashing in his fearful brain as he recalled being tied up and teasingly tormented by his latest perverted client… ‘MmMmMPPpPPPPHHHHRRrRRGGHMMMPPHH?!?!?’ Uncertain as to how long he’d been unconscious, Sam realized he was awakening to find himself encased… wrapped in an inescapable mummifying full-body cocoon… the balled-up sweat sock remained lodged in his grunting mouth, but now it was secured in place by winding layers of duct tape… ‘MmMMMPPPPHHHHHRRRRRGGGHH?!?!?’

The twisted psycho’s hands were teasingly groping Sam’s squirming worm form as he proceeded to wrap immobilizing layers of the silver tape around the shrink-wrap cocoon… “Hmmm… did you enjoy your sleepy-time slumber, my helpless little whore boy…? I trust you dreamed about a day where you’d no longer be forced to degrade yourself… selling your body to deviant sickos like me for a few bucks… hehehe… realizing how frantically fearful you may be at this precise moment, would it provide you with some satisfactory consolation that today is your lucky day… this day marks the official end of your denigrating whore-boy obligations to those unsavory loan sharks…”

‘MmMMMPPHHHHH?!?!?’ Sam’s fluttering eyes popped wide open as he teetered off balance into the supportive arms of his controlling captor who laid him prone on the floor. He had no clue what this guy was talking about… he knew nothing of the financial deal that had secretly been struck between the crafty creditors and the kinky client… “I didn’t want to tell you when you first arrived because… well, because I didn’t want to spoil the surprise… you see, once I learned a little bit from them about your financial straits, I decided to make an offer to absorb your debt totally and completely… due in large part to my generous nature, you will no longer be required to humiliate and cheapen yourself for the whims of all those men… from this point forward, it’s only MY whims that you will be encouraged to indulge… and if you haven’t guessed by now, I have some rather intriguing, twisted whims… specially when it comes to owning a captive horny straight boy like you….”

Sam stared in horrified disbelief… his squirming mummified form seething with contempt and confusion… ‘MMMmMMNnnNMmMPPPHHRRGGHH!?!?!’ He suddenly froze in a moment of panic-stricken clarity when the guy’s roaming hand pressed against his encased groin… “I see you realize that I provided you with a little present while you were napping, boy. After discovering just how horny you tend to get while enduring humiliating helpless ordeals, I took the liberty of locking that swollen straight cock of yours into a nice constricting chastity device… I can’t very well take the chance of you experiencing any unwarranted accidents during transport back to my estate. You see, there is one caveat to this little arrangement between us which I may have failed to mention, Sammy boy… while you can now consider your debt to those loan sharks to be paid in full, you should also understand that no sexually gratifying withdrawal will be permitted from the churning sperm bank boiling and roiling in your swollen, aching balls. For as long as I own you… tease you… torment you… humiliate and degrade you… and yes, even train you, you will not be allowed to cum. Perhaps six months from now… possibly longer… you will come to thank me for saving you from a life of whoring and prostitution, boy… and seeing as what a generous philanthropist I can actually be, I may decide to grant you a reward on the one-year anniversary of this day… something special to commemorate this day of liberation from being trapped under an aching mound of debt…”


“No need to thank me right now, Sammy boy… the time has come for you to take another nap… my associate has just arrived and I believe he is ready to get you loaded onto the transport truck. I trust you will enjoy another restful slumber and please revel in all those happy little dreams of financial freedom and living almost entirely debt-free…”


{Thanks to Guys in Jeopardy for the inspiring images)

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