Saturday: Pledging the Frat, Chapter 17

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“Come on man, that’s gonna make me cum!”

“If you cum, it’ll be the last time you cum for quite a
while. You will NOT cum in our presence without permisson.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“If you cum without permission, your dick will be locked in
chastity for at least a week. That means you will have zero access to
your cock. You won’t be able to jerk it, touch it, even rub it up
against something. When we lock it up, we mean business. So I suggest
you hold back and make damn sure you don’t cum. Oh, and if you’re
wonderingwhat that’s like, ask your buddy Mike. He’s VERY familiar
with how that feels.”

and Chad laughed.

“Then you have to turn this vibrating thing off!”

grabbed Ben’s chin and turned his head toward him.

“What did I tell you before? I don’t have to do anything. Got
that pledge?”

“Yes Sir.”

“And just for tryin to bark orders at me, I’m turning the
wand up higher.”

rotated the dial on the wand. He turned it up to about 50% power. Ben
immediately began breathing heavily, trying everything in his power
not to cum. But Ben realized he had absolutely no power in this
predicament, none.

“Come on man, I’m sorry for barking orders at you. Now please
turn it down!”


“If you don’t, I’m probably gonna cum.”

“Whose problem is that, pledge?”

“Yours if you don’t turn that thing down!”

“Mine? It’s MY problem? I’m about to make you eat your words,
pledge, along with lots of cock! Jason, go upstairs and see who wants
a blowjob. Actually tell everyone who is here to come downstairs for
a good blowjob from our little smartass pledge.”

“Ok ok, I’m sorry. It’s my problem Sir, not yours.”

“Too late pledge. Being sorry after the fact doesn’t cut it
with me. You’re about to suck miles of cock. You will make sure every
brother is satisfied with the blowjob he receives from you. That
means when you’re done sucking him, you will politely ask him if he
is satisfied with the job you did. If he says no, you’ll give him
another blowjob and make absolutely sure he IS satisfied the second
time. You will also be taking and swallowing at least 5 loads. Don’t
you DARE spill a single drop, or spit any brother’s load out. You
already know the consequences for spitting without permission. And if
you don’t think I am serious about that, just try me and you’ll find
out just how serious I am.”

“Can’t this be negotiated?”

“Negotiated? Do you think you’re in any position to
negotitate, pledge?”

“I just thought there could be some type of negotiation
before you do this to me.”

“Hmmm, ok. Jason, let’s negotiate.”

walked over to Chad with a big grin on his face. They were still at a
distance where Ben could hear everything they said.

“Well Chad, I don’t think he’s having a tough enough time
trying not to cum, what do you think?”

“I think you’re right Jason.”

“I think we should turn that vibrating wand up a little bit

“I don’t know Jason. I don’t think a little higher isn’t good
enough. I think we should turn it up all the way, to maximum power.”

“Ok, you win Chad, let’s do it.”

“Ya know pledge, you were right. Negotiating your predicament
was a pretty good idea. So Jason and I negotiated, and we’ve come to
an agreement.”

walked back over to where Ben was tied helplessly in his predicament,
and turned the vibrating
that was strapped to the head of his dick up to full

was immediately apparent from the look on Ben’s face that he
regretted requesting any negotiation.

“I didn’t mean with each other!”

“Well like I said before, you’re certainly in no position to
negotiate anything pledge.”

“Anything else you’d like us to do before we continue,

“No Sir, it’ll probably just get me into more trouble.”

“Wow Jason, I believe he finally gets how this works!
Apparently he IS trainable!”

could hardly stand the intensified vibrating wand on his cock after
Chad turned it up to the max setting. He started squirming,
desperately trying to shake it off.

minutes later

Jake approached pledge Ben.

“Pledge, first, I want my balls licked real good.”

“Nobody ever said anything about licking balls. That’s not

walked over to the pledge, grabbed him by the hair, pulled his head
up, and looked deviously into his eyes.

“That would be part of a good blowjob, if a brother wants it.
Now apologize to brother Jake and ask him exactly how he would like
you to lick his balls! And ask him respectfully!”


“Jason, crank his nuts down, 5 more notches.”


“Want 5 more notches?”

“No Sir. Ok, I’m sorry Jake. I will do whatever you want. Um,
how…would you like your balls licked Sir?”

“I want them licked starting from under my balls, all the way
up to the base of my cock. Long, slow strokes with your tongue.”

“Ok Sir, but you’ll have to get them closer to me if you want
me to lick them.”

“He doesn’t have to do anything, pledge. His nuts are within
your reach, if you try hard enough. Now get the fuck over to them
like you want them!”

struggled for a minute to lift his ass up off the spiked stool. As he
did, he really felt the spikes digging into the back of his thighs
since he had to put a lot of pressure on them to get leverage and
push himself up. Finally, Ben was standing up as much as his
ratcheted balls would allow, hunched over, ready for Jake to present
his sweaty balls for cleaning.

stepped forward, and Ben began tongue cleaning his balls like it was
the best meal he’d ever had and he hadn’t eaten in a week. Ben didn’t
want to piss anyone off again, especially with sadistic Chad standing
just a few feet away. After about a 5 minute tongue bath for his
balls, Jake was ready to have his dick sucked.

“Open up pledge!”

opened his mouth, and Jake inserted his huge cock into Ben’s waiting
mouth. A few minutes later, Jake started thrusting his cock deep into
Ben’s mouth as he shot a huge load of cum into the pledge’s mouth.
Ben turned his head to the left as he was about to spit the cum out
in disgust, just as Chad gave him a look with that trademark sadistic
grin he had. Ben refrained from spitting, waited a few seconds, then
gulped the huge load of cum down.

up was Chris. Chris was known to love making a pledge gag on his
cock. He would give them seemingly impossible tasks like making the
pledge suck his dick and lick his balls at the same time, without
pulling off of his dick first.

“Pledge, I want my dick sucked good. That means your tongue
works the head and you will deepthroat my dick frequently. If not,
I’ll have to make up for the difference, and I really don’t think you
want to experience that.”

opened his mouth to accept Chris’ dick. Chris was especially thick,
which made even the thought of deepthroating him scare Ben even
before it happened. Ben just couldn’t get up the nerve to even
attempt it. Then suddenly Chris grabbed the back of Ben’s head and
pulled it toward him three times in a row.


“I got tired of waiting for you to deepthroat me pledge. I
told you that you wouldn’t want me to take matters into my own hands.
You neglect to deepthroat my cock and I’ll gag you with it,
repeatedly. Next time, I won’t be so nice!”

finally caught his breath after gagging on Chris’ thick cock. He knew
he had to do better if he didn’t want to gag again, and that was
pretty harsh. “It gets worse than that? Fuuuck!”, he
thought to himself. He finally mustered up the courage to go down
deep on Chris’ dick, hoping it would be deep enough to satisfy him.


He gagged, but gagging
just once was better than gagging several times in a row.

minutes later

Chris: “Looks
like this pledge is having a tough time getting me off. Should I let
him off the hook?”

Chad: “You can
if you want to. But he’ll need to swallow 5 loads before we let him
down from his predicament. He’s only got one so far. If he doesn’t
get 5 soon, he’ll probably be begging guys to keep their cocks in his
mouth longer. Hahaha!”

One by one, the
brothers lined up for their blowjobs. Ben sucked cock after cock, and
took load after load to meet his quota of 5 loads taken, and
swallowed. Ben was squirming more and more throughout the entire
time, still desperately trying to shake the vibrating wand off of his
cockhead. But it was no use, they had used a thick rubber band to
make sure it wouldn’t come off. Then without warning, Ben shot a huge

Chad: “Whoa!
Not good pledge! You were under strict orders NOT to cum.”

Ben (squiming even
more now that his cock was 10 times as sensitive): “I’m sorry
Sir, I couldn’t help it.”

Chad: “You
could help it. You could’ve followered orders. You chose to cum
instead. Now you get to deal with the consequences, pledge.”

Ben: “Can you
turn this thing off?!”

Chad: “Sure I

For the next minute,
Ben continued feeling the torture of the vibrating wand on full power
strapped to his cockhead.

Ben: “Ahhh!
Pl-pl-please! I thought you were turning this thing off?”

Chad: “You
asked if I CAN turn it off. I said ‘Sure I can.’ because I have the
power and ability to turn it off, but that didn’t mean I had any
intention of turning it off pledge. Deal with it!”

Ben: “Ahaahhaaaaa!
P-p-pleeease Sir! Pl-pleeeeze turn it off Sir! I can’t take this any

Chad: “But you
will take it, for a lot longer pledge! When you fuck around and break
MY rules, you pay the consequences. If you haven’t already learned
that in this frat, you will very soon!”

humiliation increases at PAS

“Keep suckin pledge. You’ve got a long way to go before I
shoot my load down your throat.”

much as Mike was disgusted by the thought of that, his mouth and ass
were in a war against each other. His constantly teased ass was
telling his mouth, “Suck, suck faster, such harder!”


could hold back no longer when suddenly Mike shot a load like never
before. It was immediately obvious to Tyler since he could see Mike’s
cum dripping down his legs from inside the chastity belt, and Mike
immediately smelled like his own jizz.

Tyler: “Did
you just shoot your load pledge???”


Tyler: “PLEDGE!
I asked you a fucking question! Did you just shoot your load?”

Mike (hanging head
down): “Yes Sir.”

Tyler: “Wow,
and here I thought this was punishment for you. I thought it was
torture for you to be forced to suck dick like this, when all along
you’re getting off on this shit?”

Mike: “No, no
no, not at all Sir! I really do hate it Sir!”

Tyler: “You
hate it so much that you shot your load while my big cock was in your

Mike: “It
wasn’t that, really it wasn’t.”

Tyler (knowingly
prying for information on the buzzing sound): “Then…what
WAS it, pledge? What made you shoot your load if my big cock filling
your mouth didn’t get you off?”

Mike: “Um, I
don’t know Sir, but it DEFINITELY wasn’t that!”

Tyler: “You’ve
got two choices here, pledge. You can either come clean on something
that we both know you’re trying to hide from me. Or, you can take
door number 2, and if you think the first option is humiliating, I
guarantee door number 2 will be MUCH worse.”

Mike couldn’t imagine
how anything could be more humiliating then revealing a vibrating
butt plug
that’s locked in his ass. Locked in with part of
the full chastity belt that he’s wearing. And to add to that, one
that is remotely controlled by the brothers in his frat house. And to
make the situation even worse, one that is being used to control him
like a puppet. To set curfews for him and torture his ass if he
doesn’t meet them, or if he pisses off a brother in any other way.
And now to reveal this to a complete stranger at another frat house?
Mike thought to himself, “NOTHING could be more humiliating
than that, right?”


Mike jumped to his
feet. Wow, he thought the vibrations in his ass were intense before.
But now, immediately after he shot his load, they were felt 10 times
more intense with his increased post-orgasm sensitivity!

Mike: “Um, I’m
sorry, but I really need to get going Sir.”

Tyler: “On
your knees, pledge! NOW!”

Mike (hesitating):

Tyler: “First,
we need to get you cleaned up. You wouldn’t want the brothers in your
frat house to know that you shot your load, would you? I mean I
imagine they have your dick locked in chastity to prevent you from
getting off, right?”

Mike: “Um, I
guess so Sir.”

Tyler: “So we
need to get rid of the evidence before you leave.”

For a moment, Mike
sort of believed that Tyler was actually trying to help him. Maybe he
felt bad for taking advantage of his humiliating situation?

Tyler: “I
don’t have a towel handy. Here, use this cup.”

Tyler handed Mike a
small paper cup.

Tyler: “Wipe
up all of your jizz and put it in the cup. Make sure you get it all.
There’s a lot dripping from inside that chastity belt, don’t miss
any. You wouldn’t want them to see it when you get back, would you?”

Mike: “No

Mike wiped up all of
his cum and wiped it off his fingers inside the paper cup. It
actually filled about half of the cup. Apparently his reserves really
added up after not having gotten off in so long.

Tyler: “Got it

Mike: “Yeah, I
think so.”

Tyler: “Good.
Now you’re gonna drink it.”

Mike: “What? I
can’t do that!”

Tyler: “You
can, and you will, pledge! Do it now, or I’ll make it worse for you.”


vibrations were sent to Mike’s butt plug.

Mike just sat there on
the floor, and did nothing. Mike again thought Tyler couldn’t
possibly make this situation any worse than it already was. Once
again, he was wrong.

Tyler pushed Mike back
with his foot, making his upper body fall backwards onto the floor.
He was now laying on the floor facing up in front of the couch. Tyler
took his right bare foot and dipped his toes into the jizz-filled
cup, then pulled his toes out and put his foot over Mike’s face.

Tyler: “LICK!”

Mike (keeping his lips
as close together as possible): “What? You can’t be serious!
That’s gross!”

Tyler lifted his left
foot off the floor and lightly stomped it down onto Mike’s chastity
belt, pressing it against his dick and balls imprisoned inside.


ABK brothers continued sending vibrations to the plug in Mike’s ass.

Tyler: “I said

Mike: “Oww, my

Tyler pressed his left
foot down even more, crushing Mike’s balls with more pressure, as if
he was operating a gas pedal.

Tyler: “Lick
your fucking jizz off my toes, or I’ll make this MUCH worse on you

This time, Mike
believed him. He didn’t think it was possible to make things worse
twice before, and twice, Tyler made them much worse. Mike slowly
stuck his tongue out and licked his cum off of Tyler’s big toe.


paused, startled yet again by the strong vibrations sent to the plug
in his ass.

Tyler: “Keep
licking pledge, every drop!”

Mike continued
half-heartedly licking his own cum off of Tyler’s feet.

Tyler: “You
missed some, in between the toes.”

Mike licked in disgust
to get the remaining bit of cum from in between Tyler’s toes, then
repeated the entire process after Tyler dipped his toes into the cup
of cum again and again, until Mike licked off every drop.


But just as Mike had
finished licking the last few drops of his cum off of Tyler’s feet,
he shot another load.

Tyler: “Seriously
pledge? Now licking your jizz off my toes is getting you off?”

Mike: “No, no,
no, it’s not at all, I fucking hate it! It’s not that!”

Mike still was
tight-lipped about the vibrating butt plug in his ass. Tyler already
had a pretty good idea what was going on, but he wanted to further
humiliate Mike by acting as if he didn’t, and by making Mike confess.
But Mike still had no intention of going down that road. So Tyler
moved on to the next phase of his own version of humiliation hell

Mike left the room for
a minute and came back with a thick black marker. He used it to write
on the pledge’s chest, “Ask me how I shot my load in my”,
then he stopped to think before finishing the sentence. He was
originally thinking of giving Mike his jeans back, making him put
them on, rubbing them in the cum that was once again dripping down
his legs, and sending him on his way. But now he was thinking, is
there another way to make this even more humiliating for Mike?

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make him suffer for a while? And how should Mike be sent him? Take
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