It just starting pouring inside my underwear as I was obeying him. I could feel an extraordinarily strong stream flushing down my urethra. It took me a while to realize what just happened and then i felt a warm liquid mass sliding along my inner thighs. The cage just stayed on as if nothing happened.

It felt good for a while and after an hour or two I just wanted to cum again. A sensation I had learn to forget the hard way. Long hours not knowing what do to with myself and overcoming the overwhelming power of a device attached to your body almost permanently.

I then wish I didn’t cum. It felt totally peaceful before. no need to worry about pleasure. There is none to find in chastity. It would also be great to have a chastity solution for nipples. They’re way too wired to my cock. I feel like they’re a cheat. Without poppers though the tease i get from them fades pretty quick after a few weeks. And that’s where I feel the best.

For this reason among others I’m now avoiding poppers from my play arsenal, except select special occasions. I don’t want to cum. I don’t need to.

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