So I had to drive to L.A. this weekend to pick up @pupamp at the end of the Aids Life Cycle ride. HUND offered to ride with me so I wouldn’t be bored. I thought that was so nice I decided to give him a ride he would never forget! I had him put on a full rubber cat suit before we left the hotel in SF. He was already sweating profusely when the valet pulled up the car.

First Video HERE


When we got outside of town I pulled off the freeway and I put an electro plug in his ass and strapped him down to the seat with leather bondage belts. Inflatable gag w breather tube and full mask. We hit the road and I slowly stroked him for a bit.

Video 2 HERE

His head was strapped down tight and hands in mitts so there was no chance of him unbuckling anything. I decided he didn’t need a seat belt though and would risk getting the ticket. Click it or Ticket they say…


His cock stayed rock hard. Any time it went down at all – I would just turn up the electricity to his ass. He was wearing the World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug so I knew he was in for a relaxing ride….


My favorite was inflating his gag to the point I could barely hear a moan. His mouth was pried open so wide with the inflatable gag that he couldn’t even make a sound as he struggled for hours.

Video 3 HERE


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