Steelworxx metal cage with urethral insert. There are several purposes for cages with urethral rod:

1) It’s erotic having a rod inside your urethra. It’s like having a butt plug inside your hole. It’s one step to make it more fun and kinky.

2) Extra control for your Owner. Not only that He/She can control your dick but also your piss hole. 


It’s easier to piss. Unscrew the end and let it flows, no mess. When finished, screw it back.

4) The urethral insert is removable although some cages are designed with it permanently on. 

5) Not recommended for beginners. 

6) Boil the rod and use sterilized lube on the rod before putting the cage on.

A fine device and point number 6 is very important, the urethra is long enough that most males don’t get bladder infections, if it’s not sterile you increase the chance of one.

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