I was invited over to a fellow Master’s place, VanJustin wanted to show off one of his boys. While there we spoke about predicament bondage and this post came up and VanJustin mentioned he would like to recreate it and see how his boy handled it.

The boy’s arms were cuffed first and connected to the rope, his feet put in the spreader bar next, his Master then lubed his hole and worked the hook in his hole and the boys moan indicated when it his hole swallowed the anal hook.

Once the hook was in his Master secured it to the rope and then adjusted it so that the boy’s feet were not flat on the ground. He checked with the boy making sure he was okay and asked how long he thought he could stay like that, it went from 5 minutes to 10 minutes and the boys finally said he could take 15 minutes. VanJustin and I admired how the boy looked and took a few pictures. This is not an easy position and after 5 minutes the boys was done and his Master released him.

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