“Birthday gifts” Game


It’s time for another game. My birthday is soon. That’s why I want to see what birthday gifts you want for me. Please, comment this post with one of the following options:
Option 1 – add a day in chastity
Option 2 – subtract a day
Option 3 – add 2 days
Option 4 – subtract 2 days
Option 5 – wear butt plug for 1 hour
Option 6 – wear clothespins on the nipples for 1 hour
And there is another rule – every 100 notes (no matter likes, reblogs or comments) will add another 20 days to my locking time.
I still have 82 days to stay locked from the previous challenge.
Ends August 03 2017 11:00 CET

Happy Birthday , friend …… 

Well here is my big gift for you , if i count right you have 33 days from first challenge , and now votes ADD 21 days + 20 more day from my last vote cos your post have 103 notes … Well the Game is finish.

And here is my BIG GIFT for you dear – i give you 10 more days, BUT if you finish all your custom task successfull especially the ginger task i’ll subtract 50 % of your locked time 

your days in chastity from now on are  84 but they can be 42 if you a good boy!

p.s. Hope you like my pic for you 

Be Happy

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