I cried out like a broken mutt, my load dribbling out uselessly onto the stone floor.

My goodness,” Sir grabbed a leash from his rack of toys, “Puppy like his knot, huh? Need Master to take it outside for a walk?”

The pain in my joints only seemed to amplify the pleasure welling up from my well stuffed hole. Every fumbling motion was complete agony and unimaginable bliss.

Maybe puppy needs another toy first?” He grabbed my sensory deprivation hood off the mantle, “You only need your sense of smell anyway, right?”

I groaned and trembled as he shoved the hood over my head, blocking out all light and sound. All that was left was my pussy, pounding in heat and sensation.

I felt a tug on my collar and knew it was time for my walk. I mewled, but put put one paw in front of the other.

Master always gets his way.


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