How do you tell your master he is your master?



Hello, this is going to be a bit of a long question im going to ask this in 2 different questions and really hope you can help. So long story short im 20, iv always been fascinated with light SnM play,have a foot fetish, and mainly the thought of being a mans slave/servant is what i desire. Anyways, my best friend of 6 years has always been a bit dominant with me but a way an older brother treats a younger brother like carrying or bringing something for him, cleaning for him, walk his dog.

I have always gladly done these things for him because I enjoy doing these things for him hes my bestfriend but I also see him as my superior and I respect him as such. He is completely straight and knows I am gay but does not know im into Domination but im sure he has a guess at it seeing how I do all these things for him. We have a very close relationship we chill all the time, laugh, fight, joke and truly care for each other.

Me, him, and some friends recently went on a vacation together and while on this vacation he was bit more dominating than usual, he always expected me to open car doors for him, make him his coffee when we would wake up, clean the apartment when I wake up before him, and small things like that but the way he would tell me to do these things was different and I absolutely loved it. Also, if I would do something wrong or stupid he would punch me on my arm and yell at me for it which is something he does often but like I said it’s a very natural domination that I never really saw as real domination. Now here is where I started to get confused, every once in a while at night after we came back from bar hoping, tourist trips and other vacation things he would place his feet in my lap and make me massage them for him this was a blessing for me I was so happy but also so confused as to why he is allowing me to massage his feet for him I felt like he knew that me being this submissive to him was actually what I wanted to do. Besides the foot massages from time to time he would put his arm around me and begin to squeeze and pinch my nipples making sure I stay quiet and even kicked my balls once or twice when I slacked off on the foot massage. Now for my question! WHAT DO I DO? Lol do I bring this up with him what if im overlooking all of it and he is not noticing that this is any type of SnM relationship and I make things weird how do I ask him if he does these things because he enjoys it or not? Im sure its not a sexual relationship that’s for sure he is strictly straight but im beginning to think he may enjoy dominating gay men as myself but non sexually so any advice on what I should do about all this?


As a submissive, you have no right to define the role of the Dominant in your life.  The only reason you want to tell him he is a Master is to satisfy yourself, not him. Stop thinking of yourself and your needs/desires and train yourself to focus only on doing what he tells you to do as well as you can so he gets what he wants/desires.  He will define his position as well as yours, if he chooses to give a name to them.  That is his right, not yours.  He may never give it a name, which does not reduce your obligation to serve him as he demands.

The perfect answer!

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