Slave Work outside The Slave Camp (Forced Prostitution): Sex Work – Premium-Object #2299.57 (Gifs & Pic)

Conversation between a punter and a sex slave in an exclusive brothel in the southeast of Soho, London: “You are late! What… Wow! Wow! Wow, a baby whore! Get lost! You are too young for me! … And too thin!” “Sir, I’m 21! Otherwise I couldn’t have here… work. None of the… sex workers here’s under 21, the boss doesn’t even want to have whores between 18 and 20. There once were problems with the vice squad. … Please… come on, just put yourself on the bed… and I…” “Hey whore! Hands off! … Just touch me one more time without permission and you will get a beating! Got it?” “Forgiveness, Sir. I… I d-didn’t want… Please, don’t send me away, I would be getting in trouble… Please, dad… Sir…” … “Are you a good sucker, son?” “Yes, dad, Sir! I had to learn that in the slave camp.” … “Well, a blow job! When I am satisfied, I will shag you and you can stay all night as it was agreed.” “Thank you, thank you, dad. I… love it, to spend the whole night with a guest and cuddle a little yet.” “Son, first you show me, what you can, and then we will see…”

You want to see material, that has been not enslaved? Come to TSC: Rejected Objects! Here you can see spied on objects, whose files will not be further edited for a possible enslavement:

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