I sealed my cage with Krazy Glue 2 weeks ago. My whole entire life has turned to sucking my Dom’s cock and begging him to fuck me.

I work out with a vibrating butt plug that is controlled by strangers around the world. I leak constantly and do workouts with my legs purposely in the air, telling people I’m working on balance. In reality, I’m savoring all my weight being pressed on the plug. I go home and sniff poppers and play with my nipples to try to cum and I never do. It just makes me hornier and desperate for something inside my ass.

I recently got cold feet. The past 2 days I’ve tried to break the seal with acetone and it has not worked. I dipped the cage and my balls in acetone and it not only failed but was one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt. I thought I could get out if I tried. I can’t. I’m panicking a little. I have to take a plane next month. What am I going to do? My Dom just laughs at me when I talk to him about it. The glue inside the lock remains jammed. I’m stuck like this. The only thing on my mind is how to get plugs, dildos, and my Dom’s dick inside of me. I don’t think this will ever go away.

submission, thank you.

Want this to be my new reality….

Yeah , that sweet little life you used to have is over now… you get that… right?

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