I had the first anal orgasm of my life 😃🎉💦

For whatever reason I was so fu&$!#% horny yesterday, that I went insane. I felt like some seconds of masturbating would be enough to cum. But I was a good boy, locked in my chastity cage and didn’t stimulate my dick in any way.

In the evening, I first put my favorite plug in my hole for several hours (the purple one that @bavarianboi also uses and recommended to me).

Then I started fucking myself with the Brent Corrigan Dildo from Fleshjack Boys. First I started slowly, but in the end I fucked my hole as fast and as hard as possible until I felt a weird feeling like I had to pee. I knew from research that this must be the point where an anal orgasm wouldn’t be far away, so I kept fucking my hole, relaxed the muscles and as this feeling arose again I flexed those muscles which I would flex if I wanted to pee. 

And then some cum spurted out of my still locked and flaccid dick 😍😍🐶😍😍🎉😍🎉😲😍 I’m still speechless. It was an amazing feeling 😍

Anal orgasm with Brent Corrigan Dildo (prod. by capreolis) powered by XTube

Awesome boy !:))

Congratulations boy!! You have achieved what many long for.

wow that happend and to me …. it was amazing ….

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