They invited him form a 14 days camping vacation, in a remote location, more than 80 miles from the closest settlement in Montana. His brother told him they were having fun, fishing and drinking.

His brother was right. He and his 5 friends were having fun during the day. Drinking, and puking and eating like pigs and swimming and fishing and singing. During the day.
He was confined into 5 layers of rubber and the last was an inflatable cocoon. He was strapped to a plastic stretcher and suspended at 18 feet from a robust branch, safe from animals and snakes and insects. With no drinks, no food, no fun. Just his stale piss to recycle through a tubing, all the day long.

He, on the other hand, was their fun during the night. Naked, restrained, stinky with sweat and piss and crap encrusting his 22 years old body he was fucked in every hole repeatedly. Then left with a bowl of dogfood and a gallon of water chained to a tree. Moaning, crying, fighting. They were too drunk to listen to him. In the morning they were all using his holes as a urinal, his brother was particularly keen to be the first filling his asshole with the morning piss.

Then back in his cocoon.

For the rest of the day.

The first days he was fighting, crying, screaming.

Then something changed.

He slowly accepted it, he slowly started to enjoy being humiliated, abused, beaten, starved and filled with piss and cum.

The last day he asked his brother if he could serve him for the rest of its useless life.

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