What do dominants get out of chastity?


This has been asked so many times I’ll just put it out there once again. The below are my personal thoughts about chastity using a device:

When I put a man in chastity, during the situation / scene I get off on the fact he can’t get an erection.
His body will try hard but it’s physically not possible. That’s very similar to other predicament bondage – like a body fighting the ropes, his cock will fight the bars of the cage.

He will be so turnt on, at the same time so frustrated.
I get off on the sweet frustration, I’m weird like that. I like teasing, showing and telling him what he could have if it weren’t for the fact that he’s caged. I love licking and kissing his flesh through the metal bars.

Outside of the situation, I simply find it extremely flattering that he is wearing a cage for me. It is something that to a degree is a limiting factor in his normal life, but he copes with it, for me, because he likes to please me more than he likes the easy life without cage. 
I like that the cage is an almost constant reminder of me, it cradles his cock like a grip of my hand, and the fact that being chaste and not cumming over a period of time means I’m on his mind almost constantly.

Most of all I love the fact that a man willingly gives up what most think defines him as a man – his cock. He gives up the ability to erect, to masturbate, to fuck, to cum, because I’m more important to him than his carnal desire.

And in exchange I make sure that the quantity of orgasms he’s giving up is outweighed by the quality of the orgasms I grant him.

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