I need your help to buy a new chastity device!

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Abstract: Essentially I can’t afford a new chastity device yet and would be really thankful to anyone who could donate me some money via Paypal to capreolis@me.com. Every 1€ will keep me chaste for 1 day. So you guys could keep me chaste for over a year if you’d like!

Fun fact: I’m on day 11 today and horny as hell.

Long story: Okay, I’m so horny right now that I’ll perhaps regret what I write and ask you now 😈 But I need some more money to buy a proper new chastity device – money I do not own as a student 😢 My boyfriend’s goal is to keep me locked up longer and longer each time. At the moment up to 150 days are intended. He already said that it should be possible for me to stay chaste for a whole year 😳

To realize this dream, it will likely be a new Steelworxx Looker 02 with a removable plug so if any problems occur, it can be taken off 😍 Further, the cage will be ordered 2cm shorter than my flaccid dick size is (going from 9cm to 7cm). I will also order a second smaller cockring to get myself further adjusted to the fact that the cage and the ring will constrain my dick and perhaps even shrink it. A Looker 02 with an additional anatomical ring costs 428€. 

So here is the deal: help me buy the perfect chastity device by sending some money via Paypal and decide my fate!

For every 1€, my boyfriend will keep me in chastity for 1 day!

This way you could keep me in chastity for over a year if enough money is sent! 😳 I hope to get some money so I can buy this cage, but I also hope that you guys won’t donate too much 😨 The imagination of my dick being denied for a whole year is frightening as hell.

You can send me money via Paypal to capreolis@me.com

Good luck 🍀

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