Yesterday, for the first time in three months, @the-kinky-bf decided to unlock my chastity device and tease me a bit using the magic wand. Not before blindfolding me and getting me encased in some plastic wrap of course. He knew that I’d be super sensitive and probably be struggling after being denied stimulation for so long.

After half an hour of being forced to listen to porn clips through my headphones and getting edged continuously, my boyfriend had enough of it.
‘Felt nice huh? ’, he grinned as he put the vibrator away.
I groaned and squirmed in my bondage.
He then came closer to me and started whispering in my ear: ‘Do you want to cum now?

My cock was throbbing from its first release in months and I’d probably shoot all over the place if I could… but I knew there was only one right answer and I shook my head.
‘No, Sir.’

‘Exactly! You won’t…’ , he said. ‘It’s time to lock your little dick back up now. Because when was your supposed release date again?
… June next year, right? … if you’re lucky!’

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