Transitioning an object




They always arrive willingly, fuelled by stories they’ve read on tumblr, thinking this is what they want, what they need. A captive object, stored away, no rights, tortured, degraded, abused at the hands of an Owner. The reality is I’ve yet to take one that truly was ready, every object needs to go through the transitioning process to reach it’s true status. 

As with any loss there are 5 stages the the object needs to go through before it can truly accept its new existence. The difference from losing your identity to say losing a pet is that the Owner can manage the speed at which they are taken through them, speeding and slowing for the parts He particularly enjoys. The first is relatively straightforward.



The object arrives willingly, happily, thinking it is prepared for its new life. it gets hard as the steel is applied, as it is locked away. To prolong this phase, go along with its fantasies…feed it scraps from a bowl…make it gag on your cock…tell it what a worthless piece of shit it is…put the clamps without teeth on its tits etc. Remember when it gets to the point where it wants it to stop and it doesn’t it, will start moving on to stage 2. Up to then it thought it was ‘fun’, it’s dream come true so at some point it’s time to help it realise the dream is in fact a nightmare. 48 hours isolated, blinded, and in constant pain from electricity and endurance bondage will usually do the trick. 



I confess this is one of My personal favourites a key part of the breaking. it’s resentment grows as it suffers. Remember when for example you stub your toe? The first reaction is a furious ‘FUCK!’ and you lash out. That is how the object is feeling. it is directing its anger towards You but the reality is that it is angry at itself for getting into this. it might shout, struggle, scream sulk. this is a great time to force some extreme degradation on it, the fact that it can’t stop You feeds the self hatred, the feeling of powerlessness. a few days as a urinal, nothing but piss to consume and it becomes desperate, works through the anger, moves on to stage 3…



Somewhere in its object brain it still hasn’t completely given up hope that it might escape. It starts to beg and plead, offering anything it has for its freedom…stupid object doesn’t realise You have everything already, it can’t give more than it’s life. Long impact pain sessions here  will get the message into its thick skull…it has never experienced anything like it…its begging and crying are useless, in fact it realises they are just making Your cock harder, making the beating get harder. . Repeat again and again, day after day until the begging stops, until it accepts it has no control, until it moves on to stage 4…



Personally I find this the least enjoyable and it can be the hardest one to break them out of. They now know there is no hope of escape, no hope of rescue, this is there life. Doesn’t mean you stop training and torturing though but if You want to get them through it start to help them realise this is actually what they wanted all along, what they need. Hours in a tight sleep sack, hooded, blinded, drugged, ear phones playing the messages over and over again. Your voice telling it what it is, telling it what it was always meant to be, telling it what a useless life it had before, how it is serving a higher purpose now, pushing its horny buttons. Call it the degrading names it always got off to, faggot, cunt, bitch, scum. Tell it how it will live like an animal from now on, feed off dog food, be your full toilet…all the things it fantasied about but wasn’t really ready for. Make it see that because of You it is now ready, it will be living its dream. Of course some Owners want their object to be miserable, but personally I like one that functions naturally, a fully conditioned object that moves on to stage 5, acceptance…



End of the road for the human, beginning of the journey for the object. it doesn’t fight you, it endures everything you throw at it as You fuck with its mind and with its body. it truly understands what being an object means, it obeys, it suffers, it is dedicated to You, it has nothing, it is nothing, it accepts.

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