Had this rubber toy visit from the east coast a few weekends ago. Once he arrived there were several modifications that had to be done to make it the perfect rubber toy:

First he was bound and all his body hair removed by light pulsing his follicles (which will be permanent over time).

Next the toy chose the chastity cage he’d wear all weekend, which, I forgot to mention to him, happens to have silicone spikes lining the inside 😈. It was locked on him through his PA as well.

Then the toy was taken to the barber to remove most of his hair and just leave a Mohawk on his head.

Afterwards the rubber toy was bound and teased with a vibrator on his plugged hole until he shot a load from me pushing the spikes against his cock while he tried to get hard.

Overall a very good weekend for the rubber toy if you ask me.

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