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So it seems for many people, my little claim to fame is this old thing.

Well, it’s been a bit since I wrote that, and I’ve had the lovely opportunity of trying out other tapes and materials, so I figured it’s high time I updated my little tutorial. 

So, without further adieu, here’s an updated “How to Make an Awesome Tapegag Muzzle Tutorial”, ft. bonus actual muzzle.”

First off, I have to shill Mister S. I can’t seem to find the link on their site right now (I’ve noticed products sometimes vanish from their site and pop back up later; maybe out of stock) but my favorite tape is their bondage tape. Not the reusable rubber strip stuff; this is vinyl tape with adhesive. Think electrical tape, but a bit wider and sliiiightly thinner. Last I bought some rolls, I think they were like 7 or 8 bucks?

Anywhoo, I love the stuff because it has this small little amount of stretch, which is crucial when trying to get a good fit (more in a bit), the adhesive isn’t too strong, nor is it too weak. 

First step – get a few strips and cover the lower half of the face and mouth. When applying the strips, make sure to apply pressure downward and stretch it from the mouth outward. Since the tape has a tiny bit of stretch, this makes it sort of “grab” onto the skin a bit better. Do this a few times, overlaying the strips so they cover the lower half of the face.


Step 2 – Apply some strips going under the jaw and up to the cheeks. When applying, go from the center under the chin, upwards. 


The goal is to basically “muzzle” the lower half of the face. 

Step 3, is getting the top part done. Take a few strips of tape and cut them into smaller, thinner pieces, You want to apply them with pressure going from the bridge of the nose towards the cheeks, and then tape the edges down with strips going over the rest of the muzzle.


If all you’re looking for is a solid muzzle to cover your face, ta-da! You’re done.


The only issue with this is that eventually, sweat and perspiration will weaken the adhesive a bit, especially around the mouth, and the gag ends up dislodging. It’s not really a matter of ‘if’ in my experience, but usually more of a ‘when’.

To counteract that, you’d want a strip going around the face and back of the neck to anchor it down. The problem here, is that neck hairs are a bitch when tape gets on them, and if you’re flexing your neck, tape sometimes has an issue of dislodging and sort of “rolling” and “crinkling”, and if too tight, can cut into the back of the neck and skin.

The next little bonus steps/pieces are uh, not the most aesthetically pleasing, but they are functionally *wonderful*.

Bonus step 4 – take a longer sock, and fold it in half, and slap a long piece of tape over it. 

What we wanna do is wrap it around back of the neck as a cushion, so we can wrap tape around.


This serves several purposes. First – tape isn’t getting stuck to the back of the neck or ripping on hair. A+ for comfort. Second, the sock provides some cushion, so you can wrap the tape around the face/neck tightly, and it won’t be cutting into skin. When it comes to kink and bondage, I’d expect people would be rolling their heads a bit, lying on their backs or sides. The sock alleviates any pressure points that thick tape stuck to skin would create.

Step 5 – wrap it around once or twice (or thrice)!

(Also bonus artsy glamour shot!)


Now you’ve got the face muzzled, and the muzzle anchored good and tight by wrapping around the lower half the face/neck.

There’s still some ability to move the jaw up and down a bit though.

Next little bonus step 6 – get another sock, around under the jaw and over the head, and give it a tight wrap.


Aesthetically horrible looking, yes, but functionally – works great.

This method is the way to a solid ‘tape-muzzle’, when you don’t have an actual muzzle.

However….if you want to go nuts.

Bonus step 7: Actually add a muzzle.


Super super super fucking secure and tight. Woo! Right?

But if you really wanna go nuts?

Bonus step 8: posture collar.


Now we’re cookin’ with headgear and gags!

Some important things to remember:

  • You wanna be tight, but don’t be extremely tight. You don’t want to accidentally cut off any circulation, create pressure points, etc – especially around the neck and jaw area. I’ve had gags too tight before and a slight nod of the head in either direction put pressure on the sides of my neck under the jaw, and it turned into me being lightheaded and any ugly ass throbbing in my temples.
  • This is not the gag/method for anyone with sinus issues or breathing problems!! If you’re gonna go extreme with it, remember that the nose is it. That’s all there is for breathing. With weaker gags, or even just the muzzle without tape wrapping around and over the head, a determined individual can poke the tongue out from between the lips, loosen the adhesive, and pry off the gag from underneath just enough to let air come through from above the upper lip. With this gag method, that’s not really possible. So if someone has allergies or sinus issues, and blockage or inflammation occurs, big red flag – proceed with caution. Always be aware of your tied up, muzzle partners breathing ability and check on it. If there’s signs of immediate distress, be prepared to rip/cut the gag off.
  • Tape on the skin for long periods of time can cause irritation. Be careful if you have sensitive skin. Sweat will also get trapped between the tape/skin, which can make it worse if you are someone with sensitive skin or skin issues.
  • When removing tape, especially when it’s been on for long periods of time, be careful, go slow. Even with a milder adhesive and sweat, it still can hurt. I’ve also ripped off the top layer of skin/hair on accident before. If you need to get a gag off faster – get small scissors – medical ones preferably, and slide a finger up under the gag from under the jaw, and slowly cut up, and cut away from the skin. (Note to self – demonstrate this and update with pics in the future.)

Y’all know where the ask box is and messages for feedback and questions! 🙂 Happy Mmmmmph!

Amazing as always.  Plus he’s freaking hot and likes feet.  What’s not to like?

This is so perfect so I shared again!!

We need more tutorials like this!

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