Ow. Prepare for thát?

📅May 14, 2018
🔐day 87 (🥇143 days)
💦day 78 ( 🏁123 days,🥇78 days)
🍆day 2
🌵33 nights.

Judging from the message I received just moments before I left to have lunch with my parents, I guess M. has been catching up on my blog.

You’ll get a task tonight.

It was of no use to try and figure out what that task could be. Or when it would be due. Or…

Hours later, I replied: ”I cannot stop thinking about what Your task for me could be. I’m trying not to assume or worry, M.”

Task 1. Your ass will need stretching to be teady for me. You’ll wear your plug for 210 minutes: 30 minutes each day.
Task 2. Wear your ManView jocks as much as possible. That includes leasure time and the time you spend in bed. No matter how dirty or smelly they get, you cannot wash them. You’ll wear the jocks on Sunday, which is when I will check how well you did.
Task 3. Extended nipple training. Wear your clamps 30 minutes each day. There has been some disobedience that needs punishing and nipples and clamps will play a big part in that.


Disobedience? I know I’m not the perfect slave yet. I know I’ve got plenty of worries about doing things the way M. wants them done. But I always gave it my best. And I always will.

As an extra, M. suggested He’ll include my slave-friend in the punishment. Being punished by M., in public, would be quite humiliating already. Being punished by my slave-friend, with M. giving directions and watching – rock hard, no doubt – would be humiliating for both of us.

M. shared some more insights with me. But His mindfuck makes me wonder if those are plans or teases, with the sole purpose to make sure His mindfuck will reach a climax on Sunday.

I cannot stop thinking about how M. will fuck me hard to celebrate His newest slave. My begging Him to stop wrecking my ass would only make Him harder and nourish his urge to continue.

Stop worrying, boi. A well-prepared ass offers more possibilities than just getting fucked. The most obvious option is not always the one that will be picked.

That actually made it worse. Less than one week to go. Even though the voices in my head won’t shut up, I’m enjoying the power M. has over me.

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