Impossible to get an erection in the new cage. No where for my cock to go. All I can do is twitch and throb. My balls are starting to feel heavy and bloated. The strap-on arrives tomorrow and I plan on wearing it over my cage to fuck my GF. We’re both completely new to this so I have no idea what to expect. I have a 7.5 inch cock but the strap-on is 8.5 insertable and has a bit more girth than me. My fantasy is for her to fucking love it and react in ways I’ve never seen. I hope she is so incredibly satisfied and exhausted from the strap-on that she feels no need to let me out of my cage. There’s this part of me that is so fucking turned on at the thought of permanent chastity, but I know she won’t go for that. Still fun to fantasize about while I’m locked away for the weekend and fuck my GF🤤😈🔐

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