The parking break ratcheted with ominous finality.

The sound of the crowds easily penetrated the sedan. Their squealing, laughter and chatter set fire to Wyatt’s face, his cheeks burned with shame. His stomach knotted and the youth froze in place.

The driver’s side door opened and closed. Wyatt’s breath quickened. It was coming, with the inevitability of a train hurtling down the tracks. Moments later his own door opened.

Wyatt looked up into the bright light outside and the beaming face of his Master.

“Oh god, please, Sir.” He pleaded, his words slurring together with fear and panic. “Please don’t make me do this, Sir.”

He’d recovered from the night before. It didn’t cause him to scream out when he sat on the red welts on his ass. Wyatt’s skin was still sensitive and the rope burns and crop marks had diminished into bruises or long lines of angry red. It would be no secret what the pair of them had gotten up to.

“Out, boy.” The firm reply made Wyatt’s hesitancy melt and his chastity cage stir.

Wyatt whimpered and rose to his feet, head down with embarrassment. He braced his knees together and tried to hide his torso behind his arms will little impact. He felt all eyes upon him, taking a quick read of his body, his swim shorts, and the unnatural bulge at his crotch.

“C’mon, boy. I see a good spot down by the water.” He gestured. “I’ll rub you down with sunscreen there.”


“What, boy? You’re mumbling.”

“…p-please, sir, I’d like that.”


I had to put myself in some kind of zen trance to focus and write that XD

This is not the original intent of this drawing. I’ll be doing an alternate version that was actually supposed to be the gift for a friend. I kind of hijacked this for my own goals XD

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