Chastity update



Okay so it’s just after midnight, yesterday was the horniest I have ever been. The feeling of arousal was the most intense I have ever experienced. When my partner and keyholder came home we had a normal evening despite my feelings. When we went to bed though I could barely contain myself and they picked up on that.

They started teasing me, grabbing my locked cock and telling me it was theirs, rubbing their hands all over my body but especially around my crotch. They were really enjoying my desperate nature, eventually I begged them to fuck me. They were reticent at first telling me that I still needed to wait till Friday for release, but eventually agreed that as long as my dick was still locked and I was not going to touch my cage, they’d fuck me. And fuck me they did, it was the first time I’ve ever felt them inside me and it was a very intense experience, as it went on however, it became evident that I was not going to cum like this, it was basically just arousing me but not quite enough to push me over the edge. After some time begging, I convinced them to put a butt plug in me and let me try to play with the cage to get off. They agreed but only for a time, if I did not cum within 5 minutes I was not going to cum at all. At first I relished the opportunity, it would be easy to pull and play with my cage to get me off right? Wrong.

4 minutes went by and all I had managed to do was work myself up into quite a state, they then offered me a vibrator to put on the cage and I accepted quickly, within seconds I could feel the orgasm building and I willed to happen within the precious few remaining seconds. I moaned loudly as the orgasm finally came and the vibrating cage sent me well over the edge. At this point I was lying on my back with my cage essentially perpendicular to my body, when the orgasm came, semen flew out of my dick to the wide eyes of my partner, I was somewhat distracted at the time so wasn’t registering the semen much, until a rather large amount shot straight onto my face. It was something of a fountain of cum that erupted out of my dick. It was easily one of the hottest if not the hottest experience I have ever had. I have never been so grateful for an orgasm.

In terms of the lockup, aside from a quick clean up, and a brief period of begging to let me stay out of the cage for a night (which fell on deaf ears) I was immediately locked back into my cage. As I am writing this I can already feel the buzz of horniness beginning to build up again, the cage feeling tight around my dick.

So, if you’ve made it to the end of all that what do you think? And do you think this counts as cheating? I don’t think so because my keyholder was in control the whole time and they definitely enjoyed the experience, in fact, I’m worried they enjoyed it too much and will want to do something like that again…

Updates like this are not only entertaining but give an insight into the experience of being locked and what comes with it.

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