Trouble at the airport.

The cage that I have comes with plastic locks, that are meant to ease travel and passage through an airport.

Last year while I was wearing the exact same cage they had no issue, but today I raised some alarms in my groin!

I got pulled to the side and had to proceed to explain to about 10 people what I was wearing and that it wasn’t dangerous. They all felt so bad for me and knew I was a good guy that meant no harm, but they just had to make sure I could be cleared through security.

We went to a private room with a supervisor and one TSA agent to prove that my cage was fully plastic and not hiding anything.

They told me I was brave to wear it to the airport since I had to have known I would be stopped. Little do they know it wasn’t a problem before 😂

All in all it was a good experience! I got to show off to two straight guys and give a bunch of people a small education on the link community. I’m sure they’ll be talking about me for quite a while.

Now it’s time to board the plane, and look forward to all the discussions my cage will open in the future.

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