– This time there is no mercy for you, young hero! As you can see, i’m gonna push you to the blade between your muscled legs!
– You fucking bastard! You’re gonna not only kill me, but you’re gonna trash me! Man! It’s so hot!
– You’re so strong that i bet you’ll keep alive til the blade gets near the middle of your muscle chest, as my whip can show to you!
– Fucking hot villain! If i scape from this deadly peril ’m gonna show to you how strong i am!
– Keep your strenght, muscled young man! You won’t scape alive from this trap! Before your final blade moment, i wish make you suffer and cum a lot! So, i’m gonna plug your tough nipples and your hard dick on this high voltage and watch you squirm your muscles til break it!
– Fucking hot villain! you’re really know how to kill a man! Arg…

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