Master Jerrod Says: What’s the deal with Alphas, cocksuckers and piss? Isn’t piss disgusting? Yeah, of course in principle, it is disgusting to most people.  The reason most cocksuckers will drink from an Alpha’s tap (with encouragement and training – it’s not actually that easy physiologically to swallow with your mouth closed on a big object) – it’s because of their submissiveness.  For beginners it’s best to just put the piss slit inside his mouth and the first few times put down a towel or put them in the shower/tub. They always want to please and serve the Alpha and this is one more way. They may do it out of curiosity too but mostly because the Alpha wants it.  As an Alpha, it feels amazingly good for such a simple act.  Closed mouth drinking physically feels the best as a warm soft mouth holds your dick while you feel the pleasure of the release, but the knowledge that you’re making a cocksucker drink your waste is unmatched and very empowering. You’re saying, “I am so superior to you, I have the power to make you drink my piss.” FUCK, that’s a beautiful dynamic!

Sex and power have always been intertwined and inseparable regardless of how much polite society and the law have tried to separate them. The power an Alpha exerts over his worshipping submissive cocksucker really is a beautiful thing.  Each is expressing his most primal instincts.

Alphas and real men who haven’t received this service need to make it happen. It’s not that tough to do. Most cocksuckers have seen their Internet brothers drinking piss and although they may not want to try it, a little persuasion is usually all it takes.  Just tell him he can stop whenever he wants. He can spit it out if he wants (this time).  Baby steps. You’re just getting him to realize it’s not that bad. If you’re well hydrated, skipped the vegetables and drugs it’s not much different from water and he’ll be pleasantly surprised. We’ve all been at a urinal that stunk bad and that’s what we think when we think about piss, but that’s not actually how it comes out of the tap.  Inside you it’s fairly sterile. After it’s exposed to the air, bacteria convert it to ammonia and it becomes foul smelling. Straight out of your tap, it’s more that he has to get over the idea of what he’s doing psychologicaly. The actual taste is not the big hurdle. The biggest hurdle will be the psychological task of convincing himself that it’s an ok thing to do.  That’s where you come in. The reason he serves you is because he worships your body, mind and especially your dick. You just tell him every one of your cocksuckers does it – they actually enjoy providing the service and that it’s an honour to receive an Alpha’s piss.  The Alpha selected him out of all the other cocksuckers to receive that honour.  If he balks at the idea, make future contact with your dick contingent on urinal service and give him a week to think about it. Also suggest he practice at home. I’ve never had a cocksucker choose to lose access to my dick over it, and some even love to serve me this way. Cocksuckers are amazing creatures!


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