“Six hours out of chastity or the thing you’ve been dreaming of having for two years now, slave?” I asked him. It was time to see if my training had paid off. As usual, I was sitting on my couch, fully clothed, sipping tea from one of my favorite mugs. Rarely, I would let him catch a glimpse of my feet and soles. I knew it drove him absolutely mad with lust.

“My balls are so full, Sir,” slave Robbie continued. He gripped his caged cock and exposed balls as he was kneeling in front of the camera, naked and his head bowed.

“Whose balls?” I looked straight into the camera, and slightly raised my voice.

“Your balls, Sir. Sorry. My body belongs to you.”

“Body and soul!” I corrected.

“Yes, Sir.”

“And are you complaining about chastity, slave?”

“No, Sir.”  

“I thought you knew better after all this time.”

“Sorry, Sir.”

“I’m not interested in your apologies, slave! That’s another month added to your sentence after we are done here, regardless of what you pick.”

“Yes, Sir. Is there a way I can reduce the sentence, Sir?”

“Sure, reduce a day for each 100$ you tribute.”

“Wasn’t it 50$ before, Sir?”

“Before it was. But before you didn’t want out as badly as you do right now. Now stop wasting my time. I have better things to do than listen to your groveling.  You have 5 seconds to make your choice or you’re not getting either.”

His face was priceless. Slave Robbie had been locked up for almost a year and a half since I became his keyholder. Lately, I’ve been making things more interesting with forcing him to wear a metal ball stretcher and a large butt plug on top of the cage. He was so incredibly horny, his cock dripped precum every time I saw him in front of the camera. Like a broken faucet, drip, drip, and without the ability to turn it on or off without my permission. I’ve turned him into a pathetic little creature. He was only a faggot desiring to submit to a strong, alpha male when I met him. Now he was a broken slave, denied even the basic pleasure of touching his own cock.

“5…” I started counting.”

“But, Sir?”


“I desire your cum, Sir.” He spoke out. “Please, give me your alpha seed!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Sir. I don’t deserve to be out of chastity. Your control is all I need. I wasn’t using it anyway, only for my selfish faggot needs. It shrunk as well. Almost an inch and a half.”

“I know. Now there’s no debate about who and what you are.”

“Before I was almost 5 inches, now I’m only 3. And if I don’t get out maybe I’ll shrink even more.”

“Stop whining so much. Once you stop wearing the cage, you’ll be 5 inches again. That is if I let you out.”

“Will you let me out, Sir?”

“You’ll get my seed, my cum-filled boxers for completing the slave contract. You can wear it all over your faggot face for all I care. Sniff it, lick it, build a worship shrine for it. The chastity cage stays on. No prostate milking either. I will have you horny, desperate and obedient.”

“Can I still reduce some of the chastity sentence with giving you my hard earned money?”

“How much do you want it reduced?”

“Eight days, Sir.”

“That’s 800$, slave.”

“I know. I want to thank you for sending me your cum. It’s all this faggot really needs. He doesn’t deserve any pleasure, only to live through his Master’s pleasure, to satisfy him. Take everything, Sir.”

“That’s right, you desperate horny faggot. Now kiss the feet that owns you!”

Ruthless. I love it.

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