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Talk about a kind of bondage and mummification that you just can’t get away from at all. pig once had the chance to chat with the guy from the original movie who experienced this. This silicone rubber cocoon sticks to the skin, it doesn’t slide or shift around like a latex hood or catsuit can, especially when it’s all sweaty inside. The silicone is always applying resistance to remain in the shape it was in when it dried. You can flex and move a little but you can’t maintain any position other than the original, it will pull you right back.

What an amazing feeling that must be for every inch of your body to be almost fused with a thick rubber skin. It’s so thick around your head that it feels like a helmet and blocks out all sound because it goes all the way into your ears. Your fingers and toes can’t even wiggle as they’re stuck in place, not one of them being able to touch their neighbor. 

Now imagine being kept like this for hours. The tube gag in your mouth being your only connection to the outside world and you’re getting warm inside your thick rubber cocoon. It was fun for the first two or three hours and then you calmed down and was able to drift off and float for a while. In and out of consciousness and completely losing track of time. 

Later still you’ve moved into boredom and the rubber still sticks to you like glue. Never yielding. Your body begins to feel stiff from not having moved for a long time and while you have some ability to bend your body or roll from side to side even, you can’t fight the tension of the rubber and maintain any position, you get pulled right back to this first position.

You realize that you haven’t heard any sound for a very long time now, only hearing your own breathing and your heartbeat in your plugged up ears. You think to yourself “Where’s Sir? I’m getting a little bored with this. I think I’d like to get out now please.” but you struggle with the decision to try to get Sir’s attention or not. Is it failure if you ask or beg to be released? Would you disappoint Sir? Would you be disappointed in yourself if you ended it now?

Nothing. Followed by more nothing. It’s been well over a few hours by now right? For a very long time the struggle as to whether or not to get Sir’s attention and ask for release continues in your mind until eventually the stiffness in your body and the soreness from lying on your back wins out and you tentatively grunt for Sir, hoping He’s in hearing distance but also at the same time… not wanting to disturb Him. You wait for a while, wondering if Sir heard your pathetic little gagged grunt, straining to hear anything yourself through the thick silicone rubber that’s wrapped around your head.

Eventually you grunt again, this time more assertively and loudly only to be met with the same deafening silence you’ve been swallowed up in for hours already.You wonder if Sir is even still around. Wasn’t He monitoring you to make sure you’re OK? Where is He?

Your anxiety grows as does the desire to be able to move again, to have the gag removed from your mouth and to see and hear again. Maybe something happened to Sir and He can’t get to you, you wonder. Imagining yourself becoming the next sensationalist headline news article to have been found alive or dead in some nefarious kinkily compromised position. Your grunts turn into sustained shouts and noises. All completely unintelligible but hopefully attention getting but to no avail. You “shout” yourself hoarse until all you can do is to pant from the exertion, whimpering at your perceived misery and unknown fate.

Then unexpectedly, finally something touches you. Maybe on your thickly covered chest or on your dehumanized rubber face. A squeeze or a pat on your encased cock and balls and then finally, thankfully, you can just hear your Master’s voice. Muted through all the rubber, He has to raise his voice close to your plugged up ear so you can hear Him. 

He asks “Are you ready to come out now?

You hurriedly grunt repeatedly to answer yes and to to make that He understands. Your Master informs you of how desperate and pathetic you’ve been sounding for the last couple of hours of this ordeal. He’s of course heard everything, watching and enjoying your struggle, looking at His property which is now just a nearly shapeless lump of rubber.

Then Sir gets even closer to your ear and what he tells you makes your blood run cold, your stomach jumps into your throat and ratchets up your anxiety to near panic levels.

“You’ve heard the saying that it’s not bondage until you want out right slave? Well this is where your real bondage training begins. This is where I start training you to accept the fact, deep in your heart, that you have no power and that there is no way out for you ever. These last several hours have all just been the warm up, getting your excitement out of the way for the real training. This is where I break you slave. You will stay encased and sealed like this until I feel that you’ve completely lost all will to ever escape or plead for changes to your bondage again. You will stay like this until I can tell that you’re utterly desperate to be reprogrammed. You will be blank by the time I release you and then begin the process of rebuilding you to be the slave object that I want, and nothing more. 

I don’t know exactly how long this will take to break you though slave, I know you’re stubborn, not defiant, but you still think you’ve got a choice in your existence. You don’t. I’m thinking it will take a while though slave, I need to be sure that you don’t try and trick me or that you have any last bursts of resistance or independence, so even once you’ve quieted down I will wait. I will wait until I feel confident that you have no strength left to resist. And then I might wait some more. I’m thinking three days might do it. Maybe less, maybe more. I suppose this is where your very last decision, willing or not, will ever be made and this time, you will be the source of your own frustration and fear until you let go of all hope, realizing that Sir is the only One that matters. That Sir is the only one the slave has hope for. I’ll feed and water you but for the next three days, that is the only interaction you’ll get from Me. Enjoy your training slave. You may not believe it now but you will definitely thank Me later.”

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