“Boy, I’m not gonna tell you again.  Move your hands away from your ass.  You’ve already earned yourself a major ass-tanning and you’re just making things worse.  Keep it up and I’ll send you to school shaved smooth as a cue ball, with a nice thick butt-plug jammed up your boypussy.  You’d have a real good time explaining all that to your buddies on the soccer team, explaining why you need a butt-plug wedged up your boycunt to keep all your father’s semen from leaking out.”

“You got no right to spank me.  You got no right to do any of this shit to me.  You’re not my father.  Your just my mother’s present husband.”

“Ah, boy, you see that’s where you’re wrong.  A couple years ago, I talked to your mother about how I felt inhibited in properly disciplining you, seeing how you were just my step-son.  I told her I wanted to play a bigger role in your life and she totally understood.  Over a year ago, we completed the process and I officially adopted you.  You’ve been my son since then.  MY son.  To discipline as I see fit.  To use as I see fit.”

“But….but I never agreed to that.  And mom never told be anything about that either.  I don’t believe you.  I don’t believe you’re now my father.”

“Boy, you weren’t consulted because you were a minor back then and your mother and I didn’t need your approval.  And you weren’t told anything about it because your mother asked me not to.  She said you were super-close to your real father and she was afraid it would upset you.   And I went along with your mother’s request.  I told her I understood and just hoped that, over time, you and I would become as close as you and your real father had been.”

“And I was right, boy, wasn’t I?  Hell, you can’t get much closer than having my Man-dick buried balls-deep up your faggot boypussy, having me seeding your tight little boycunt pretty much every day, having my own boy serving as my cum-dump AND my piss-hole.  We’re a lot closer now than you ever were with your real father.  Aren’t we boy?  Aren’t we?”

“You fucker.  You fucker.  If I told my mother what you’re doing to me, what you’ve been doing to me for the past year, she’d kick your ass out of the house.”

“And you’d break your mother’s heart, too.  You know that, boy.  Your mother thinks the sun rises on me.  She’s always telling me she’s happier now than she’s ever been before.  And you’d bring that all crashing down in ruin, boy.  Is that what you want?  And all because you can’t accept the fact that you’re a born faggot boy-slut who needs a daily coring-out, who actually gets off when your step-father – make that your ‘father’ – sticks his hard Man-cock up your teenage shitter and fucks you like the whore you really are.”

“I don’t know, boy, maybe you think your bros would pick up the slack.   Maybe you figure that once they find out that you’ve been taking Man-cock up your slut boypussy for the last year – and they would find out, boy, I can assure you of that – maybe some of them would decide to bend you over and have you serve as their bitch, their cum-slut.  Is that what you think, boy?  That even if I’m no longer around to feed you the cock you crave, your bros will turn you into the school fuck-whore and you’ll be getting more dick than I’m providing you now?  Is that it, boy?  You need more hard cock than you’re getting right now?”

“You…you fucker.  You sick fucker.”

“Boy, boy, there’s no need to cry.  I haven’t even started in on burnishing your butt, though I’ll be doing that soon enough.  And if it’s more Man-cock you need, well I can help you out there, too.  I’ve got a couple friends – big-dicked dudes, just the way you like ‘em – who’d be more than happy to spend a couple days reaming out teenboy pussy.   And what I’m gonna do, boy, just to make you happy, is invite them over next weekend while your mother’s visiting your Aunt Kate.  We’ll have ourselves a little fag-humping party and give you more cock than you’ve ever even dreamed about.  What do you think about that, boy?”

“Oh, please, sir.  Please.  Don’t do that.  Don’t let your friends fuck me.”

“Nonsense, boy.  You know that’s what you want.  You want me to whore your faggot boy-twat out to all my friends.  And I’m happy to do that, son.  I’m happy to give you all the cock you want, all the cock you need.  But first we need to finish your spanking.  You’ve been a bad boy and you need to be punished.  I told you that your days of playing with your little boy-dick were over, that the only time you were allowed to cum was when I was dropping a load up your faggot pussy.  And then I come in here and catch you pounding your pud like the horny little slutboy you are.  I have to punish you, son.  I have to.  It’s for your own good.”

“But don’t worry.  Once I’ve finished with your spanking, I’m gonna give you a real hard fucking.  Just the way you like it.  So move your hands away from your butt, boy.  The sooner I finish spanking you the sooner I can begin fucking you.  First I need to give you the stick and, after that, I’ll give you the carrot right were you really like it – deep up your faggot cunt.  So move your hands, son.  Move your hands.  And don’t forget to count.”

“Oh, shit, shit, shit.”

“None of that, son.  You may be a faggot cum-slut but I expect you to take your spanking like a man – even though you won’t ever be one.   Now behave yourself and count.”


“One, thank you, sir.”


“Ow!  Two, thank you, sir.”


“Oh, God!  Three, thank you, sir.”


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