Alright, now I want you to read these words as if someone were saying them to you, in a nice Calming tone,

I want you to take a nice Deep breath, in through your nose, and out your mouth, taking nice Deep breaths in through your nose, and out your mouth.

I want you to to imagine a Brilliant sapphire, Slowly swinging Back and Forth in front of your face,

Sparkling in the radiant sunlight as your eyes follow it Back and Forth,

It’s swinging times with your breathing

Feeling so Relaxed and so Good as it swings Back and Forth, Back and Forth, it seems so Slow, and Lazy, but so Relaxing,

Just making those Deep breaths even Deeper,

As the pendant seems to Slow and glimmer Brighter,

As you begin to Feel a wave of Relaxation

Starting at your toes

And moving upward,

Into your legs and up to your knees

It feels so Wonderful as it makes it’s way up to your waist, making your legs

Feeling so Soothed, so Calm, and Heavy, Relaxing you as they lay Motionless

Feeling the Relaxation moving up your belly and spine, prickling with Pleasure and Relaxation as it moves up to your shoulders

Now, I want you to tense up your shoulders, filling them with all of the stress, worries, and troubles of your life as you tense them up

Then relax your shoulders and as you relax them you feel all of the troubles, stress, worries and tensions Float away like they were nothing more than a summer dream

Feeling your shoulders now filling with Relaxation

You now feel that Relaxation moving down your arms, into your wrists and hands, making them feel so Heavy, Relaxed, and Limp,

Not wanting to move,

Not needing to move,

And the longer your body lies still, the Less you want to move, the More you just want to Submit and Relax as your body Relaxes

Feeling the Relaxation moving up your neck now,

Welling up on your Face and Forehead,

Feeling your eyes Droop and Relax,

But still Focus on my Words,

And as the Relaxation Pools on your forehead, you begin to feel it Leaking into your Mind,

Drop by Drop,

Relaxing it and Smoothing it out,

A dark spot of Pure Pleasure forms, feeling yourself Sinking into that Wonderful Pleasurable Darkness

Feeling so Good, so Pleased as you Sink Deeper into the Darkness

The Pleasure Filling your Mind and Wiping it Clean of any Stray Thoughts

Feeling so Good, so Safe, and so Warm as you Fall Deeper

Falling even Deeper now, you begin to hear Whispers floating into your mind, as in a Calming voice they say




They sound So Warm, So Safe, and Wonderful, just openly letting them into your Mind as you feel More Pleasure

Feeling so Safe, so Pleased, so Relaxed, so Safe, and More Obedient as you Drift Down even Deeper

Feeling the Darkness covering your Mind and Body,

Filling your pores and making you feel so Wonderful and Amazing,

Making you feel so Submissive and Obedient,

Loving these feelings as you Realize this is how you Always Wanted To feel

Feeling yourself Dropping even Deeper as these feelings Grow, Focusing on My Words,

Now, on the count of 5, when I say, Drop Deep, you will fall 100 times deeper, multiplying these feelings of Safety, Relaxation, Trust, Pleasure, Obedience, Submission, and a bit of Arousal, each by 100, and falling Totally Under My Spell

5, Falling so Deep, Completely Trusting me as you feel Safe, Warm, and Relaxed

4, Even Deeper, the feelings of Pleasure, Safety, Trust, and Submission Growing

3, Feeling even More Obedient and Submissive, Loving these feelings, as they make you feel a bit, Aroused, a Lovely feeling, Enjoying these sensations so much, Attaching this Joy To Me, Knowing you can only feel this Joy from Me

2, Falling even Deeper, More Obedient, and Aroused, and Trusting, Feeling So Blissful and Deep

1, So close now, Wanting to Drop Completely so badly, Feeling the Desire to Obey grown, You Love to Obey, You Want it, You Need it

0, Drop Deep

All of these feelings multiplying by 100, so Amazing and Wonderful as you feel So Submissive, So Obedient, So Trusting, So Pleased, So Relaxed, and So Aroused

Feeling Deeper and Deeper as you hear my words rolling over your Mind

Like soft carpet as it coats your Brain, feeling so Warm as you feel it’s weight upon you

This cascading sensation of Warmth, Comfort, and Submission to those feelings flowing through you as you read each word I Type

Like a dam bursting ,a flood of Calm, washing over your entire body, placing you and Submerging you into Perfect, Submissive Nirvana

Feeling your mind counting down





Every mini count down just seems to make your mind that much more lax and willing to Sleep and shutdown





Each number like another password to your mind, unlocking it’s guarded state and gently bringing you even Deeper





This feeling making your body flow and course with Pleasure, and Submission, a Numbness to everything but my words.

Feeling So Happy in this state, happier than before, Feeling yourself moving Forward, Forward in time, Feeling more Pleasure, inbetween your legs, and thighs, as if having many Orgasms yet to come, but without Orgasming. A Tantilizing Taste of what is to come from Serving me Loyally, and Absolutely.

You know this Feels So Good.

So Wonderful, So Amazing.

So you ask yourself why would you Ever refuse some thing that makes you feel So Wonderful, And feel so Much Better than any other time in your life, with no ill effects.

Pondering this as your mind Opens.


And Clearer

Like a Blank page of paper as you feel touch of pencil, writing on that Paper,

My Pencil writing across your mind as you realize how foolish it is not to Obey, and how much Easier it is to just Give In to My Control, and feel Happier.

You Love to be Happy, Don’t You?

Wouldn’t you rather Move Forward, and be Happy to Obey me, Slave?

Of course you do.

when you think of Surrendering, what do you think of?


Not just Pleasure, but Arousal, Submission, and an absolution of all responsibility.

Not Needing to Worry, or Think or Struggle.

Just bask in the warm light of Submission

The Warm, Sensual light that Engulfs your entire body as you drop Deeper and Submit farther.

Its very easy to Surrender to those good feelings, so they can Grow and Grow inside you, isnt that right?

As you let my words slide in and out of your eyes and mind, you can learn to Surrender the stress inside you, and free yourself to enjoy Relaxation.

It just feels so Natural and Wonderful as you let yourself feel so open to these things, so Wonderful and Open to my Suggestions to Submit and Obey.

It feels so Natural, so Natural not to resist, to submit to my commands to let Pleasure fill you Absolutely as your mind is cleared, like a blank slate, a magna carta, of everything except for serving me, and making sure to Read and Enjoy.


That word ringing in your mind,

Feeling Pleasure overwhelming ourself as you begin to mutter “I am your Slave”

It feels so Wonderful and Natural, becoming a slave, you know this.

The feeling of Being Loved, and Cared for, No Responsibilities, No Worries.

All of this Troublesome baggage just floating way as you accept, You are my Slave.

Feeling so Natural, so Submissive and Obedient as my Slave, Loving this Feeling and knowing it to be absolutely true.

How do you feel, slave?

Can someone try this live with me? I can’t do text really. Doesn’t work for me.

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