Video clip: Slave storage (2:02)
Video source: Insex

Every time I see this video I have to reblog it because this is how I want to spend my life combined with some other things t make it even worse of course. My favorite part is the constant looping of degrading talking.

Christ. Now *that* is how you break a cunt.

OMG!!! Just wow!!

Encasment of objects is great for training.

I absolutely love this video. it seems to cut off and I would love to see the whole  video. The looping of audio with its extremely descriptive passage of what it has become as an object and nothing more is something that I’ve always wanted to do. The moaning in the background makes me so hard. I can just imagine how the object would be going out of its mind after a few hours of this. I would make sure the object gets audio modification every time I leave the house and store it.  I would make the descriptive words even more harsh. I know that it is something that I really need to work on.

This video has become the most popular post on my blog. Thank You. It is a favourite of mine. I believe that an object can’t get too much modification, re-education and breaking.

objects need a large amount of re-education.

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