Master: “hey you know the rules, little pee pee bottom boys masterbate with a dildo”

*bends boy over knee and starts spanking him*

Boy: “I’m sorry!”

Master: *keeps spanking* “Are you gonna do it again?”

Boy: “No! I’ll masterbate with a dildo like a good boy!”

Master: *keeps spanking* “I don’t believe you, I think we need to cage your little pee pee back up” *stops spanking, grabs the cage*

Boy: “No! I get so horny and restless when I’m locked up!”

Master: “Good, all the more eager you’ll be for my cock to pump your boy hole with my cum”

*proceeds to lock up the boys nub"

Master: “good boy! Your little nub looks so cute locked up” *hands boy his dildo* “now get back to what you were doing”

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