My boyfriend and i started dating a few years ago and after about 2 weeks it was pretty clear we both liked to top more than we liked to bottom. I have the bigger cock at 7.5inches while he is about an inche shorter, so I just assumed I would end up topping more and it wouldn’t matter. He got me a chastity cage about 3 months in, convinced me to try it out. Started out wearing it only when I bottomed but after some more convincing I began to wear it for a few days at a time. Then a week at a time. Finally I started wearing it for a month at a time and after almost a whole month, my boyfriend could finally make me cum like a proper bottom boy, no hands, just his throbbing cock in my hole. After that I have been the bottom ever since. I do what he says in the bedroom, and I even get horny when he makes fun of my usless, limp, locked, boy clit. I cannot even imagine topping any more, I stay locked and shaved like a good bottom slut now 😊

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